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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego
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My version of the Madonna Inn Champagne Cake :D

So as you can see, I did go ahead with the chocolate bow! pcd553 :)

Let’s break it down:

  • Two layers of champagne vanilla cake (I used Barefoot pink moscato champagne)
  • Blackberry jam and Swiss meringue buttercream in between
  • A mixture of buttercream and SMB for the outside frosting
  • Chocolate bow on top with dusted confectioner’s sugar

I’m really proud of the outcome and it tastes fantastic!! I’m going to have some for breakfast tomorrow with tea. This is such a happy cake and I’m just smiling looking at it! :)

I drew upon a variety of different sources to complete my cake, including:

Creating a “me” cake has been really fun, although not without a lot of work. I started making the cake layers around 10am this morning and finished everything around 3pm? Of course, this is including baking time, cooling, crumb coat chilling, me taking a billion photos, etc. But still, this is probably not a project you want to tackle just out-of-the-blue, thinking you can do it in a hour or two! 

Notes to self (warning: going into overanalytical baker mode):

  • My SMB was glossy and picture-perfect before I added the reduced champagne and vanilla extract. Unfortunately my candy thermometer stopped working on me, so I couldn’t get an accurate temperature reading on the egg whites and sugar over the simmering water, but it still turned out okay- I did the trick of feeling for granules of sugar between my fingers and testing the temp of the bowl. I think it was the excess liquids and warm butter that created a runny SMB… I put it back in the fridge and it seemed firmer, I beat it some more and thought it would be okay. So I tinted everything pastel colours and of course, my intuition was telling me, “Nooo it’s not the right texture, you still need to beat it!!” I reeeeally didn’t want to, considering I already mixed the colours and it would be such a hassle, but I wanted a beautiful product. So I beat each one some more after resting in the fridge from about 30 minutes, added some more cold butter… everything started coming together beautifully. After all that extra work! I haven’t made Swiss meringue buttercream before this, so hopefully next time I’ll get it down :) I do love the texture and taste alot better than regular butercream! It’s like a dream.
  • I halved the SMB recipe and I barely had enough… I had to make some buttercream to do the crumb coat. It always amazes me how much egg whites can expand though… wow.
  • The pastel effect! Well! I skimped on folding stiffly beaten egg whites into the cake batter like the recipe suggested, which probably led to the decrease in volume in my cake. It wasn’t very tall and initially I almost wanted to make another two layers, but I didn’t have any more champagne and aah, whatever. A taller cake would’ve made the pastel swirl effect easier to achieve! You can see the frosting is a bit uneven and bumpy, but I liked the rustic look. I’m getting better at frosting layered cakes, hopefully to the point where I can leave a cake naked! Haha. Using SMB definitely helps infinitely with creating a smooth finish- I remember one of the chefs also mentioned that at my internship :) I looove the look of the baby pink and the seafoam green together!! So prettyyyyy.
  • Let’s talk about the chocolate bow. The tutorial was super helpful, but I definitely wish I had someone to help me for this step! I used pink candy melts and they melted beautifully, the only down side is that they take way longer to set than chocolate. The whole dipping strips and waiting took forever! I was so thankful I made extras of both long and short loops, because more than a few broke on me. When I transferred the finished bow to the cake, two or three of the bottom pieces crumbled and I just went along with it, creating little pieces to garnish around the cake. Mistakes happen! I try to make it look intentional ;)

So yes… I’m not making another extravaganza like this for awhile!! Hahaha. I am glad I tackled this challenge though. Hopefully there will be more Swiss meringue buttercream adventures and chocolate bow making in the future, with far less troubles!

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Muse Music Videos | The 2nd Law Era 

The Panic Station MV is kind of the best thing ever and can make me giggle whenever I’m feeling down.

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My heart is racing and I’m so excited because… tomorrow, I will be baking a cake entirely for myself!! Full of flavours I love, decorated how I like, basically, it’s my chance to be narcissistic and make a “me” cake. I’m talking a layered, fully frosted and decorated cake. Sure, I’ve made cupcakes and other desserts for myself before, but nothing extravagant, it’s always been for orders.

I’ve decided more or less on what I want: champagne vanilla cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, pastel swirled frosting, strawberries on top, and my name on it :p Possibly a chocolate bow too. We’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling tomorrow ;)

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Clones clones clones 

Just finished the season 2 finale of OB and I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! And realisations. Aaaah whyyyyyyy

Spring 2015 seems too far away. I guess I better find another show to keep me occupied until then… or move on to my ever-expanding movies list!! 

**Spoilers ahead**

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Orphan Black + Emojis

I love these character representation via emoji things… also the social media ones!

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Adorable dorks

I just put “Ever After” into my car this week and I was instantly reminded of how many times I played MT’s entire discography to get me through finals week… haha. They’re awesome. 

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Just held the both-hands-up earthquake on a blogilates extreme abs video… I feel pretty good right now! Hahaha

Just held the both-hands-up earthquake on a blogilates extreme abs video… I feel pretty good right now! Hahaha

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Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!


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Get to Know Me Meme Favorite Actresses [2/5] 

   ↳ Tatiana Maslany 

“Go with your gut every single time. It’s never, ever wrong. Even if feels like everybody else is telling you that you need to do this or do that. Your gut is your artist and who you are as a person and what makes you special, and what makes you an interesting performer. Never try to be something you’re not.”

She’s so beautiful and this reminds me of the Miss Dior perfume ads with all the roses…

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Can someone with talented video-editing skills please make a fan video to Orphan Black with the song “Little Mix” by DNA?! It would be perfect for Cosima’s story, seeing as she’s such a talented scientist! And of course, with the whole backdrop of the show with cloning/who really “owns” one’s biology, etc.

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I love how there’s a huge Rimbaud text in Felix’s apartment…. man he must be harnessing Rimbaud’s mad brilliant genius for his paintings! Haha

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