"Rise above your circumstances, change the world one person at a time starting with you, and be the inspiration you’ve been searching for."  - Lindsey Stirling (via spontaneouslindsey)

So cute, Johnny!

Another thought… Eveyln in Transcendence, has a style/fashion wardrobe reeeally similar to Sofia Coppola’s… seriously! I couldn’t help thinking that!

The classic, clean-cut lines, simplicity, less is more… the cropped tuxedo pants, crisp white shirts, nice blazers… I totally see the influce.


New Transcendence poster!

I had so many thoughts leaving this movie… it literally left me stunned for a few minutes.
Again, this wasn’t a movie I planned on seeing, my roommate basically asked me if I wanted to see it and based on the general premise, it sounded very thought-provoking and promising… especially considering Johnny Depp is in it.
Transcendence certainly isn’t what I expected, per se. As a very old-fashioned soul and someone who’s more on the cautious  anti-technology side, it was interesting for me to watch this. It was a little strange to see Johnny play such a… normal (well, relatively) character, even though he was a super-smart scientist haha. No makeup or crazy hats! He ages so well though, my goodness.
I loved the flashback technique used in the movie and also the close-up macro shots of nature. Very beautiful. It’s cool to get a glimpse of the “future” or something that happens later in the movie way at the beginning. So when they replayed it at the end, it was a great closing and then everyone has that “aha!” moment.
Some major themes/questions that got me thinking were:
If given the choice to follow life’s natural course and let your loved one die or let them live on digitally, which would you choose? If the digitized hologram is not exactly like your loved one, would you still let it linger on or shut it down?
Is “reviving” or perserving one’s soul/mind in a digital form faithful to that person? Will the digitized version actually BE the person, or just a computer-robot version?
If given the power to use extremely advanced technology, would people abuse it or truly want to improve the world’s conditions using it?
What draws the line between amazing advancement that can benefit mankind and going too far? Does going too far constitute the emergence of a different type of race (such as a hybrid alien race or one that is far superior to an average human in ability)?
I wish the movie got to touch on some of the themes a bit more. I definitely see parallels to Her.  I had mixed feelings on Johnny’s character, Dr. Will Castor. It was creepy when he got regenerated on the screen and Evelyn had that virtual relationship with him (except he was her husband instead of just budding boyfriend, such that in Her). Kind of like Edward watching over Bella creepily in Twilight. At times, the movie makes Dr. Castor out to be the villain in a way, that his appetite for power and the sheer scope of his knowledge and ability is greater than anything humans can handle… but when he actually regenerates (whoooa) and holds Eveyln in his arms at the end, I couldn’t help but feel sentimental. It’s very Romeo and Juliet, the love of your life dying in your arms. I wasn’t sure if the digitized Will actually still loved Evelyn in that same, very real way, but to me, there was at least some affection left. 
I can’t believe Transcendence got such terrible reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes! I actually liked it quite a bit- it definitely led me to reflect and think about it, which is always a good thing in my book. My roommates and I were actually having a mini debate/controversial discussion about the ethics behind the movie afterwards, it sparked some great dialogue! I definitely don’t think regeneration technology should be used to completely prevent people from dying. Even if you don’t want to admit it, death is a natural part of life and it’s our punishment for falling from grace. There’s a reason why we don’t live forever (until those who go to Heaven). 
Some of the special effects in the movie were a bit over-the-top, like the regeneration of the solar panels… whoa. The sequence where the blind man’s eyes are healed is amazing though… thinking back to it, there are definitely some Biblical themes and parables weaved throughout the movie. 
All these things… technology, robots, 3D printing, real-life invisibility cloaks… it’s very important to reflect on our own relationship with tech and our electronic devices as to not let them control us. I think the main theme of the movie is to harness and recognise the great power for advancement via different forms of technology, but with control and balance. It can easily grow beyond human reach and exceed the creator’s control and capacity. There are so many possibilities. Technology can both be a blessing and a curse, whether robots can truly function like self-aware human beings one day… that shall be left to see.
(P.S. I’m scared of robots!)


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So intense.


Transcendence (2014)

That’s all I can say.
Movie review coming up soon!

Am I seriously awake right now??

I was so hyper, off-the-walls, singing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONSSSSS” and being completely, now I’m baking baklava for my global nutrition project tomorrow. At 3:40am.


I can’t pull an all-nighter though… I will sleep!!! Soon.


It was marvelous. 

Tempted to just go watch this by myself at the movie theatre… can’t believe it’s playing in the little Harrisonburg theatre!
Everyone’s been telling me it’s the best Wes Anderson they’ve seen yet, which makes me really excited… aaah!! :)

So fabulous, I can’t even take this right now. From the glittery suit to the Union Jack shirt… downright diva right here!

Playing is easy really, it’s the speaking parts which freak me out. Playing Wembley Stadium was pretty scary, I’ll admit that, but my worst nightmare would be to speak at a wedding.

The thought of that petrifies me.

"  -

Matt Bellamy, when asked if the band was nervous before the presentation of their Honorary Doctorate of Arts, in front of 1400 students and their family. (x)

He understands Sherlock. 

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HAHA the Sherlock comment!

I almost didn’t recognise Matt during the Muse Coachella livestream!! They were playing “Agitated” and the way it was filmed, it was so vintage/retro-looking, almost like a very old clip from the Showbiz era.
Oh my gosh the HAIR though.
So rocker/grungy/Kurt-Cobain-esque. I still can’t get over it.
And Dom was totally rocking the bleach blonde hair with the skeleton suit.
"Tonight, each member of the group looks like they belong to a different band. Matt’s sporting a quilted, floral blazer, that looks like one of Great British Bake Off diva Mary Berry’s cast offs, whilst Dom is in a skellington body suit, complete with silver shiny bones. Chris is in a red leather jacket, looking a bit like Robin Thicke’s security detail. Strong threads all round."  - NME on Muse’s outfits at Coachella (x)

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